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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

About Janice Harvey

Janice was born in London, England and clearly brings a fresh, modern and yet classic style to all her designs.  Whether, she's creating an entire home-scape, designing florals for a special event or building an dramatic scene for an special moment - it is clear she has tremendous amount of skill sets to bring beauty to her clients spaces.   Janice believes that whether we are students, or working professionals, stay at home parents or retirees, we all get to participate in designing how we live our lives....

  "I have the awesome opportunity to help clients to design interiors, exteriors and design and build decor for their milestone events so, for me the world of design is where I live - I am living my dream!"  I am honored to invite my clients into the world of design and WE then build amazing concepts together! 


Janice a wife and mother of 3 resides with her husband of 32 years in Northern Virginia.

About Spear Bullock III

Spear was born and raised in Northern Virginia he started his career as a software developer designing applications in the tech industry.  His parallel interest with natures natural beauty drew him into a passion of creating floral designs with flowers and botanicals for weddings and special events.


He joined Janice Harvey Designs as a Senior Designer with over 20 yrs. of experience in helping design creative memorable moments for clients. He continues looking forward to “Designing with Purpose” as JHD extends its fingerprint in the Commercial, Home and Special Event spaces.

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About LaNae Wheeler

LaNae was born and raised in Virginia and is a lover of all things creative. She started his career as a software developer designing web applications for the Department of Defense. As a child she loved to draw, create paper collages and dress paper dolls. She’s is drawn more to layout and designing with colors and is also a devoted fan of the Architectural Digest Magazine.


Today, she demonstrates her creative imagination, attention to detail and enthusiasm for design in the form of home decorating and landscaping projects with a keen desire to provide quality service to her customers.


LaNae recently joined Janice Harvey Designs as a Team Associate and continues looking forward to promoting and strengthening the company’s goals through inspired creativity and unique problem solving.

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