Meeting Your Interior Design Needs

Experts at implementing your taste into your space, whether it is contemporary, modern, neo-classical, minimalist, traditional or transitional, Janice Harvey Designs will harmonize your room and create the right balance of design throughout. Janice Harvey Designs is the team to capture your vision for your home, office, corporate or unique individual spaces.

Janice Harvey Designs provides a full-scale interior design service that includes, but is not limited to, blueprint drafting, space planning, lighting and electrical plans. The team will design elements such as color schemes, floor and wall details, furniture layout, art and accessories placement, and much more to assist you in developing your one-of-a-kind creation. Our design team works very closely with our clients to coordinate, execute and complete all design concepts. No matter how big or how small the project, Janice Harvey Designs treats all clients with the same devotion and respect. Whether it’s a “face-lift” or a complete renovation, Janice Harvey Designs is your design firm for stylish and stunning decor.